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Rob Clark Golf Travel LLC specializes in private golf tours.   The company provides a limited number of trips each year allowing  owner/player Rob to customize trips and participate              directly in each ensuring high levels of client  satisfaction. Rob packages trips compiling fairly sizeable groups and  works through his broad professional network to receive special              pricing from resorts and golf courses, which means a much  better value for you.  Rob Clark Travel typically only works with  resorts who own their own courses, or have a special              agreement with the best courses in that particular area,  which always results in a better price point for his clients.  Packaging  a deal, which includes rooms, meals and golf,              is the best way to not pay premium rates and the highest  value golf travel vacations.     

Who travels on Rob Clark Golf Travel Trips?

Avid golfers like you, whose main focus is enjoying  great resorts and golf courses throughout the world, but don't want to  pay premium prices or have to plan trips,              coordinate logistics for groups or sort out and book tee  times at golf courses. Most of our clients are members of golf clubs,  private and public, who enjoy playing golf at              breathtaking locations.  You may have a small group of  buddies or couples that you play golf with and want to travel, but  don''t know where to go and don't want any surprises              when you arrive.  

 Non-golfer companions too: Maybe you play golf but your spouse or  friends don't.  The locations we go to have plenty of activities and  sightseeing to make sure              non-golfers enjoy the trips as much golfers do.  Non-golfers  enjoy sightseeing. 

About Rob Clark

Rob is a competitive Senior-Amateur golfer and has turned  his passion for golf into an active golf travel business. Rob spent 26  years working in Sales and Marketing with Pepsi              Bottling Group and since retiring in 2005, now focuses on  golf full time.  He served as a member of the Board of Directors for the  Riverview Country Club in Redding, CA and              oversaw the renovation of the golf course. Rob began his  foray into golf travel by organizing trips for Riverview Country Club  members and the business has spread via word of              mouth over 16 years. 


Rob grew up in Oregon and Northern California playing golf  competitively at Junior High and High School levels and was the #1  ranked golfer at Shasta College.  His dad, Dutch, was a green's keeper  so he literally grew up on a golf course!!  He competed in the Northern  California Amateur multiple years and the California State Amateur  tournaments as well competing against many of the current PGA and Senior  PGA players.  He currently competes in tournaments in Colorado where he  lives with his family.  Rob is married and has three children including  a budding 10 year old golfer.


Rob travels with every golf group, which means he personally handles  any issues that may come up, right away!  Also, he never takes groups to  locations that he hasn't personally              visited ensuring high quality venues, golf courses and  accommodations.

"I've learned, after 16 years of golf travel, to never  trust brochures.  I've stayed and played at almost all venues to make  sure these locations and courses will fit with my group's              needs." - Rob Clark 

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